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Why Process Matters

Want more time in your day, less stress, and to feel more accomplished? There’s a process for that… I work with a lot of people who are frantic, often behind schedule, are stressed out and who tell me they are too busy to work within a process – “it’s just one more thing to do.” […]

Making “Predictive” work in the Enterprise

Marketing technology is once again chasing a Red Herring: the ability to predict the future. This is not a new pursuit, nor a new promise in sales and marketing circles. Just look back to the advent of technology companies like Oracle and others ­– it’s easy to identify a slew of companies that have generated […]

What are you trying to do?

The really important take-away from this article and this success story is the piece about focus and tenacity in the face of more powerful entities telling you it has to be done a certain way; that is the story we can all learn something from!

Lenovo NA RM Brand Acceleration

A year after initially engaging with Lenovo’s North American Relationship Management team to develop Account Based marketing strategies, BAT continues to work with the team on the long-term implementation of those strategies across marketing channels and through their three key verticals – Enterprise, Education and Government. While continually evaluating and refining strategies around Account Based […]

It’s All About the Customer

If you really want your customer, or your potential customer to pay attention you have to focus the communication on their needs. It isn’t enough that you have the newest, shiniest, fastest widget. A few people may want it just because of that, but most people are going to need to hear about what that new widget is going to do for them.

Miovision Brand Synthesis

Miovision engaged with  BAT in the Brand Synthesis process to validate direction, evolve messaging, and identify growth opportunities. Through Brand Synthesis, Miovision found clarity on a variety of fronts: Market Focus Miovision had organically grown through expansion of product offerings targeting the traffic evaluation and regulation market. With products and services beginning to diverge, Brand […]

Lenovo NA RM Account Based Marketing Focus

Following Brand Synthesis, Lenovo’s NA RM team engaged in BAT’s Brand Activation process to further develop strategies to incorporate Account Based marketing across their go-to-market channels and through three key verticals. In this capacity, BAT is partnering with  Lenovo’s internal and external agency resources to evaluate current programs and campaigns, facilitate the development of target […]

eSite’s Trip2Trade Product Launch

Following a rigorous Brand Synthesis exercise, eSite has engaged BAT on a long-term consulting assignment to lead the launch of their new location analytics product – Trip2Trade. BAT’s Chris Harmon will act as a virtual CMO through the launch and growth of this product and will be supported by Maggie Harmon who will provide operational […]

Pleasure and Pain: Connecting at the Deepest Level

Whether we are working at our desk, walking down the street, or relaxing on a beach our brain is guiding how we feel and how we react to the world around us. The “thinking” that we do occurs after our body already knows how it feels.

Meet your top salesperson… it’s not Mike anymore

Part one in our new series: The Road to Strategic Marketing eCommerce websites easily eclipse flesh and blood salesreps in B2C models… Is the end near for the B2B salesperson too? “Mike” has led and continues to lead most B2B sales efforts – especially in enterprise sales – where traditional maxims suggest that the only […]

Why Operations Consulting? Why Now?

Everyone knows that they need to communicate the Brand Strategy to the team but they don’t know how, everyone knows that HR needs to reflect the core values of the company in employment policies and hiring practices but they don’t know what that practically means, everyone needs a legal background when they are reading a contract and trying to understand what that language is going to mean in six months, 12 months or five years. Enter operations consulting!

eSite Brand Synthesis

eSite, a leading location analytics consultancy, has engaged BAT to validate and refine current brand position, develop strategies to support a product launch, and productize consulting services to support scale and rapid expansion.

Lenovo NA RM Brand Synthesis

Lenovo’s North American Relationship Marketing team engages BAT to develop a high level plan to incorporate Account-Based marketing practices into their long-term marketing strategy. First step: Brand Synthesis. In this case, BAT harnessed Brand Synthesis to quickly develop a deep understanding of the Lenovo brand, RM customer, and key offerings / messages. Through the process, […]

Organimi Starting from Scratch

Organimi, a brand new venture, had engaged BAT to conduct Brand Synthesis® in building the business strategy from day one!

Demandbase – Crafting a Highly Targeted Website Experience

In this third iteration of the Demandbase website, BAT sought to extend the power and utility of Demandbase’s Real-Time Identification solution, providing more ways for the client to utilize their content personalization solution, including page and even site-level personalization.

BAT at the Online Marketing Summit 2012

Chris Harmon will be hosting an all-star panel of senior marketers from Marketo, Demandbase and SDL in Sizzle, Flash and the Occasional Splash: Content Marketing from the Trenches, and Maggie Harmon will be presenting her expert analysis of how to extend your brand through your functional organization in Walking the Talk: Aligning your Internal and External Digital Strategy Around your […]

Brand Synthesis®: Creating a Road-Map for Corporate Direction

About three hours into the first session of Brand Synthesis® Chris stood up, walked over to the white-board (as he often does) and drew a diagram of the corporate operational structure and how the various product offerings should fit into that structure. “Why not try this? Based on what you are saying this is the model that […]

Guide ways to get Starcoins and then Diamonds for free here at MSP

MovieStarPlanet will become shortly becoming a chart topper available on all the mobile gaming provides for. Within the last few months, all of our audience provides for earned countless asks for extracted from business people available on all of our additional sites to develop a minor a priority MSP Hack this is why more popular […]

MedTech Health – Web Strategy and Design

Information Architecture – sitemap, wireframes and interaction design Visual Design – capture the essence of the brand in UI and campaign elements Technical Consulting – provide direction on functionality and infrastructure requirements [easyrotator]erc_63_1348591592[/easyrotator] The founders of MedTech Health, a community and content driven website focused on medical-devices, engaged BAT to help realize their vision for […]

Live Events: Staying on Brand and Generating Excitement

Yes, you can do both! Whether it is an annual user conference, a booth at a trade-show, a speaking opportunity or any corporate event the tension is always in keeping the tone accurate and true to the brand, while also having some fun and getting people excited about what you offer. There is some sense […]

Brand Synthesis® for Multi-Division Organizations

Whether we work for a particular division in a large organization, run that division, or manage the entire organization we often lose our perspective of how we fit into the big picture and how all the pieces of the picture fit together. Using a house analogy, if we work in the kitchen it is hard […]

Wines of Agustin Huneeus – Website

Continuing it’s work with the brands of Agustin Huneeus, BAT designed and developed the flagship Huneeus Vintners website. The site captures the beauty of their many properties while also fulfilling critical functional requirements including: a robust and easy to manage resource center, deeply engaging social media across the brands, a cross-brand video channel, and offering the trade a consolidated venue to research all of the Huneeus brands.

Event Analysis for Canada 3.0

BAT has the privilege and pleasure of working with CDMN to analyze their premier event: Canada 3.0. Using the foundation of Brand Synthesis® we are working to ensure brand alignment and successful delivery of this outstanding event for the national Canadian technology community.

Canada Tech Leadership

Maggie will be presenting Walking the Talk: Aligning Internal and External Communication Around your Brand at the Tech Leadership Conference in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. This year’s keynote is from Arianna Huffington and the event should be fantastic!

DisclosureNet Brand Synthesis

The goal, through two days of intensive sessions with the executive and marketing teams was to align the leadership in a clear ans shared understanding of the market opportunity, the target audience, the core offering, and the brand, core vision, and core promise. The end result was a robust brand platform to anchor the communications strategy and guide marketing efforts.

BAT at Conversion Conference

Join Chris as he co-presents with Demandbase on B2B Personalization: Increasing Online Conversions, March 6, 2012 in San Francisco, California.

Flowers Winery Interactive Map

BAT was engaged to create an interactive map experience akin to the Google Earth interface, that would allow users to explore details of the wineries two vineyards. BAT captured the essence of the winery brand in designing and developing the interactive tool that engaged users as though they were ‘on the ground,’ allowing them to experience the terrain while learning about the unique elements of the vineyards through pop-up details and integrated videos.

Chris at the Online Marketing Summit

Chris will be speaking with Greg Ott of Demandbase at the Online Marketing Summit in San Diego on February 7th. Join him for Named Account Marketing.

Kicking off with Communitech

Communitech helps tech companies start, grow and succeed in a highly dynamic ecosystem that facilitates innovation and business acceleration.

Faust Website Redesign

Using the foundation of Brand Synthesis® BAT designed a website drawing on the history and the feeling of the brand that was further reflected through the user experience and community tools developed for increased engagement.

The Prisoner Website

BAT provided an efficient refresh on a website that needed to capture the feel and tone of the brand, and provided consumers a visual experience that matched the experience of the wine itself. Web 2.0 Presentation engaged BAT to provide strategic consulting, design and development for their new CTO’s break-through presentation scheduled for Web 2.0.

WeVideo – Brand Synthesis and Identity Design

WeVideo sought to leverage a ripe market in social video sharing to introduce a new tool around collaborative video creation. This tool, in development and use for years in Europe’s education market was well positioned to launch on the broader WWW as a break-through tool bringing to video what instagram brought to pictures.

Healthline Interactive Widget

Healthline acquired video and textual content, and utilized BAT’s guidance in crafting an interactive experience that was both intuitive and easy to use for the target audience. Through multiple rounds of concept, design and testing, BAT crafted a simple to use interactive application framework that provided both an immediate solution and an extensible framework for future use as a self-diagnostic tool for other diseases.

Baynote Campaign Creative

Tasked with creating analogies that spoke to life on the web without Baynote, BAT had a lot of fun providing concepts that grabbed consumer attention while staying true to the principals of the brand.

First Annual Afri-Tech in Nairobi, Kenya

Chris Harmon will be featured at the first annual Afri-Tech Conference, bringing together one of the fastest growing technology communities in the world. He is speaking on a variety of topics including brand, strategy and technology integration in both. Look for his presentations to be posted on SlideShare. View the slides: Afri-Tech 2011 Website Design […]

Healthline Brand Synthesis and Website Design

Healthline, the leading source for health-related content online, engaged BAT to formalize their B2B go-to-market strategy through the establishment of a strong brand platform, segmented messaging, and the development of key marketing tools.

Demandbase Content

Content is that critical substance that validates all of your communication strategy. BAT worked with Demandbase to ensure that the right information was being communicated to the right people at the right time to maximize engagement and conversion.

Eloqua – Digital Body Language & The Revenue Engine

Subsequent to BAT’s brand and marketing strategy engagements with Eloqua, we we’re engaged by Eloqua’s founder and CTO to design the art for his books, Digital Body Language, and the follow-up The Revenue Engine.

Content is King: Part 2

The majority of first visit prospects are in exploration mode—they have identified their own point of pain and are seeking information from vendors that speaks to it. The closer you get to directly addressing that point of pain, the more likely you are to convert prospects into leads: convince them that you understand their problem and have a compelling and applicable solution that they want to learn more about. aThe most innovative teams will position their content and communication as a service.

Suisun Valley Vintners Association Website and Community Engagement

BAT engaged the marketing committee of the SVVGA in an abbreviated Brand Synthesis® exercise to capture the essence of the Valley and translate that into an identity system, map, website, brochure and email program designed to encourage visitation and improve the valley’s reputation as a destination wine-tasting experience.

Elevation 10 – Brand Consulting, Naming and Identity Design

Most start-ups we work with are in the tech space – in this case BAT had the opportunity to work with a start-up winery. The challenge: help three business executives with no winery experience between them, hatch a luxury brand in Sacramento Delta, that could sell wine at $20-40 per bottle.

Content is King: Part 1

This first part of a series will explore why you should care about content, common mistakes made in developing content, and some basic steps you can take to craft a content strategy that puts your customer front and center to help you drive more and better qualified leads, convert opportunities and nurture loyalty.

Coreworx Brand Synthesis and Website

Brand Synthesis drove the initial engagement as we sought to align the marketing, sales, product and executive teams around a single brand and positioning platform

Demandbase Brand Synthesis

BAT was initially engaged to help craft the vision, develop a new paradigm of best practices, and structure their communication with a new website, marketing vehicles and as their lead integration partner.

The Flexible Office

“Integrate what you believe in every single area of your life. Take your heart to work and ask the most and best of everybody else, too.” -Meryl Streep

ChiRunning Brand Synthesis, Website Design

BAT helped ChiRunning realize the incredible opportunity afforded by re-setting their approach to the brand and developing a polished set of web properties designed to better engage their audience and support ongoing customer engagement.

Marketo, Inventing Something New

With our deep understanding of both the value and the process of marketing automation, as well as a strategic process that aligns sales, marketing and executive teams, BAT served as a strategic guide in developing a business strategy with practical go-to-market tactics.

SEO Today

“The best ad is a good product.” -Alan H. Meyer

Conversive Website Design and Infographics

Starting with Brand Synthesis®, BAT helped Conversive to segment their buying audience, develop targeted messaging platforms, and develop a robust set of imagery, icons, information graphics and copy to populate the website and collateral elements.

UC4 Website Design

Starting with Brand Synthesis® BAT captured the essence of the new brand and articulated it in an intuitive and compelling website experience emphasizing lead-gen best practices while providing a great deal of flexibility in order to accommodate future product and market developments.

Ascension Health Transformational Development Brand

BAT worked with the Transformational Development executive team, Ascension Health’s CSO, and Communications leadership to establish an extensible brand platform, concrete messaging and a new brand identity capturing the offering for internal constituents, external partners and consumers.

Eloqua InfoGraphics

BAT focused on designing infographics that spoke directly to the value of the offering, while utilizing a design that was familiar, accessible, and carried positive connotations for viewers.

Eloqua Customer Experience Campaign

BAT travelled to multiple cities, taking hours of customer videos to produce the best possible campaign resource: actual customers talking about the enormous benefit they received from the product.

Eloqua Events

BAT designed and produced several Eloqua events, focusing on creating fun and excitement generated through an actual product or brand experience. The outcome was memorable experiences that positively reflect on the offering and that provide relevant information for customers and prospects.

The Taproot Foundation Brand Consulting

Through Brand Synthesis® BAT crafted a compelling, marketable vision for the future for Taproot, PBAT, and their relationship with pro bono services as a whole.

Lending Club Design Consulting

BAT worked with Lending Club to aid them in understanding the possibilities in freshening their website without moving too far away from the brand equity and comfort they had built during a difficult economic period.

SuccessFactors Positioning for Growth

SuccessFactors re-engaged with BAT after their successful IPO, and prior to their 3.4 Billion dollar purchase by SAP to work closely with a few of their product-development teams on innovation and internal marketing programs.

Eloqua Brand Synthesis

As a part of the Brand Synthesis® process BAT conducted extensive customer interviews and user testing to support a reinvention of the brand from the ground up.