Why Operations Consulting? Why Now?

BAT’s services have been focused around brand and marketing strategy, and implementation of those strategies from day one. But how do you measure the success of a brand? Perception, advocacy, conversion or sales? All of these, of course, but it is the success of the company as a whole that we’re trying to affect in the end. Achieving success is not a linear process, and defining success is multi-faceted, for most companies revenue acceleration leads the way, but success is also dependent on hiring and retaining the right employees, negotiating favorable contracts, developing operational structures that are responsive to your leadership culture and the needs of your employees, communicating accurately and effectively, and so much more. These latter elements are not built around sales and marketing, but around operations. And the best companies in the world provide great examples of why operations matter so much: Zappos, Starbucks, and Nike – all companies that put a great deal of stock not only in their products and customer experience – but in ensuring that they have operational and working environments primed for success.

When we engage with clients in strategy and consulting we have come to realize that a critical piece that is missing is the ability to consistently execute on that strategy at a core operational level. Everyone knows that they need to communicate the Brand Strategy to the team but they don’t know how, everyone knows that HR needs to reflect the core values of the company in employment policies and hiring practices but they don’t know what that practically means, everyone needs a legal background when they are reading a contract and trying to understand what that language is going to mean in six months, 12 months or five years. Enter operations consulting!

For a decade before joining BAT Maggie worked in an area of the law and business that largely does not exist anymore: general counsel services. When people asked, “what area do you practice in,” she would answer, “a lot.”  By helping people understand what they want, get what they need and implement practices that are right for their organization Maggie brings a much needed service out of the background at BAT and into the offering of how we help our clients achieve explosive growth and measurable results.

For nearly five years Maggie has been bringing those general practice skills to BAT: managing the incorporation and state filings, obtaining trademarks, reviewing contracts, coordinating employment policies, negotiating agreements (and disputes) all with the primary goal of keeping the organization moving in the direction of success. And that is the new offering that BAT is bringing overtly to our clients. For the last four years this practical understanding of how business works has informed our strategy, now we want to bring it directly to all of our clients so they can benefit in their day-to-day operations and implement our strategic recommendations seamlessly.

Brand Synthesis allows us to quickly and deeply understand who our clients are, our consulting services are responsive to this understanding by practically providing the tools, actions and advice that are exactly right for you! So how can you engage with this service? Just like our other services: we’ll ask you some questions, listen to what you have to say, and tell you what we think the best strategy is for how to get where you want to go!


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