UC4 Website Design

  • Craft an engaging user experience
  • Refine the offering expression
  • Shift industry impression from niche player to strong challenger


UC4, an IT automation company founded in Austria, had recently acquired a US competitor seeking to expand their overall market share and solidify their US presence. The company relocated their primary marketing functions to the US and sought to transform the brand from a regional niche player into a strong worldwide challenger, and needed to create a mid-tier position in the category to do so.

Starting with Brand Synthesis® BAT captured the essence of the new brand and articulated it in an intuitive and compelling website experience emphasizing lead-gen best practices while providing a great deal of flexibility in order to accommodate future product and market developments.

The new website and positioning immediately made UC4 a recognized category challenger with a strong focus on innovative technologies and thought leadership. Time spent on site increased, average page views went up more than 30% and conversion rates increased more than 27%.

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