The Taproot Foundation Brand Consulting

  • Refine the core brand elements
  • Develop a compelling vision for the future
  • Facilitate the Leadership Council meeting and secure funding 


The Taproot Foundation, a leader in pro-bono services had achieved a significant boost in recognition in late 2008, followed by a dramatic drop in funding due to the economic downturn. As a result the executive team was returning to the corporate Leadership Council for the second time in the fiscal year seeking additional funding in order to support their work through the next year.

BAT was engaged to help the executive team refine the brand position and explore new structures for the core Taproot offering and the Pro Bono Action Tank (PBAT) – the entity supported through Leadership Council funding. Through Brand Synthesis® BAT crafted a compelling, marketable vision for the future for Taproot, PBAT, and their relationship with pro bono services as a whole. We captured the vision in a detailed Powerpoint presentation, and worked with Taproot’s executive team to plan and facilitate the Leadership meeting with executives from Gap, Target, Booz Allen, Deloitte, Merck, Capital One and others.

Through the successful facilitation of a two-day meeting, culminating with a direct “ask,” BAT helped Taproot obtain the financial commitments they needed to maintain and grow their service offering through the next eighteen months.

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