SuccessFactors Positioning for Growth

  • Brand Synthesis
  • User Discovery
  • Website Design

Chris Harmon engaged with SuccessFactors in 2006 while CEO of Digital Brewing Company (the company he led prior to founding BAT). This engagement represented multiple beginnings:
Brand Synthesis was crafted as an onboarding process for this specific engagement… and through years of refinement and use with over 50 clients, has become a robust brand, product and marketing strategy process proven to drive success
User Discovery, realized through 20 In-Depth-Inteviews revealed the opportunity to re-position SuccessFactors’ product offering to better align with their customer’ need around business size – a strategy that persists to this day and was fundamental to the growth and success of the brand
Close Executive Partnership, by engaging not just as an interactive agency, but as a strategic partner, Chris was able to work closely with the SuccessFactors executive team to realize transformation throughout the organization, providing the first of many proof points showing that executive sponsorship of our engagements is the key difference in driving success (Eloqua, soon after this provides another GREAT example!)

SuccessFactors re-engaged with BAT after their successful IPO, and prior to their 3.4 Billion dollar purchase by SAP to work closely with a few of their product-development teams on innovation and internal marketing programs.

We’re proud of the accomplishments of the SuccessFactors team, and proud to have played a role in positioning them for success.


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