Brand Synthesis®

Engages executive teams, business unit leaders, and start-up entrepreneurs in a series of sessions that build understanding and alignment around brand, business and company goals both tactical and strategic.

Captures and/or refines fundamental brand components such as:

  • Offering
  • Target Profile
  • Core Purpose
  • Brand Promise
  • Positioning

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Brand Activation™

Translates strategy into action plans to ensure that your organization realizes the goals defined through Brand Synthesis® through diverse and detailed activities responsive to the specific needs of your organization.

Activities include:

  • Target Audience Analysis & Framework Design
  • Conversion Analysis & Planning
  • Digital Marketing Assessment & Recommendations
  • Events Review & Development
  • Customer-Centric Marketing, Product & Business Alignment
  • Operational Effectiveness Audit

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Brand Acceleration™

BAT stopped providing full agency services in 2012. We work directly with your resources, be they internal or 3rd-party, to help you launch your websites, build your nurture programs, design your booths, or develop your advertising campaigns – we provide the experienced creative, technical and project management direction you need to ensure that your strategies realize themselves in tactical executions that accelerate your brand.

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