Online Marketing Institute – Re-Inventing OMS with new Marketing and Membership Websites

  • Define and articulate the brand
  • Create an extensible, cost-effective community website
  • Provide a platform for strategic growth


In 2011/12 the founders of the Online Marketing Summit sold their live-events property, with the intent to shift their business model towards building a robust online community and education network. They turned to BAT to help formulate the information, technical and design strategies for this extensive experience.

The strategic engagement considered the audience, brand equity, competitive landscape, feature-set analysis, and the technologies required to both enable a quick-to-market product and the development of a proprietary IP-based solution that generate sustainable shareholder value.

The strategy manifested in a robust community-based education platform built on Silverstripe, with APIs into both ecommerce and content frameworks that provided the OMI team the infrastructure needed to achieve their vision.

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