Miovision Brand Synthesis

Miovision engaged with  BAT in the Brand Synthesis process to validate direction, evolve messaging, and identify growth opportunities.

Through Brand Synthesis, Miovision found clarity on a variety of fronts:

  • Market Focus
    Miovision had organically grown through expansion of product offerings targeting the traffic evaluation and regulation market. With products and services beginning to diverge, Brand Synthesis helped Miovision identify and solidify their market opportunity and potential
  • Core Brand Attributes
    While the founders and extended executive team at Miovision have always been grounded with strong values and a clear Brand Promise, Brand Synthesis helped to align them, clarify and simplify their values, and crystallize their Core Purpose to support continued growth
  • Product Roadmap
    Miovision’s organic growth resulted in the development of multiple and not always well aligned market opportunities. Brand Synthesis helped the executive team craft a strong vision for future growth through a well-defined product roadmap that supported continued innovation while leveraging Miovision’s core strengths

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