About Brand Synthesis®

Brand Synthesis® engages executive teams, business unit leaders, and start-up entrepreneurs in a workshop that builds understanding and alignment around brand, business and company goals both tactical and strategic.

Working with CEOs, COOs, CMOs, VPs of Sales, CTOs, and other influential members of your team, we engage in a directed conversation that reveals differences, gaps, opportunities and commonalities, providing diverse teams with an opportunity to reassess vision and direction, positioning your organization for transformational success.

Crafted with strategies and principles derived from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, organizational behavioral studies, socio-linguistic theory and  15 years of practical experience, Brand Synthesis leverages the expertise of your team in developing a brand platform and strategy designed to guide marketing, operations, and management as you accelerate toward success.

BAT has engaged over 50 companies in Brand Synthesis, including teams from SuccessFactors, Eloqua, TRUSTe, AscensionHealth and Lenovo.  The customer insights, competitive analysis, brand platform and targeted positioning statements developed through this process have served to accelerate all of these organizations and many more to meet their goals faster and more effectively with well aligned teams and organizational structures.