About Brand Activation™

Business and Brand Strategy are important starting points. Translating these strategies into action is where most organizations fall down. BAT’s proprietary Brand Activation™ processes ensure that your organization realizes the strategies developed in Brand Synthesis through diverse and detailed activities responsive to the specific needs of your organization.

BAT’s Brand Activation™ solutions include:

Target Audience Analysis and Framework Development

Based on Brand Synthesis input and primary research, BAT develops robust messaging frameworks that detail customer pain/need, solutions relationship and specific messaging frameworks that serve as a foundation for integrated marketing, product development, HR hiring and performance management, etc.

Conversion Analysis and Planning

Analyzing conversion pathways, customer journey and analytics, BAT provides a detailed review of current Conversion tactics, as well as recommendations to better align with best practices, and better engage the target audience. As part of this process, BAT often dives into Marketing and Sales alignment, understanding SLAs between the organizations and providing guidance and direction in building stronger ties and greater attribution / accountability.

Website / Digital Analysis and Planning

Recognized by B2B magazine as a leader in Digital Strategy, BAT provides end-to-end leadership and direction in the analysis of your current web properties, the development of requirements & information architecture, and creative & technical direction for your internal or 3rd party agency resources in refining or re-launching your web properties.

Events Analysis and Planning

BAT’s principals have been integral to the analysis, planning and development of numerous B2B and B2C events, including road shows, sales conferences, customer experiences, trade shows, and public showcases. Highlights include SuccessFactors and Eloqua’s first customer experiences, many client’s Dreamforce experiences, TIBCO’s TUCON events, and the NBA All Star Weekend.

User Experience Based Product Analysis and Planning

Whether online, through services, or in a physical space, all of BAT’s clients provide products and/or solutions to businesses and consumers. Most of these experiences can be improved by a simple focus on the end-user experience – understanding why and how the end-user engages, and where that experience can be made more intuitive, pleasurable or rewarding. Engaging in this process can reduce churn, increase advocacy, provide more and better up-sell opportunities and ultimately increase revenue.

Operational Effectiveness Analysis and Planning

WIth a background in employment and contract law, BAT provides a unique opportunity to evaluate and align your HR and Operational frameworks with your business and brand goals – while keeping an eye towards federal, state, and business best practice legal requirements. Organizations like Zappos, Nike and Google have proven the effectiveness of aligning ALL of your business units around business and brand strategies – imagine how much more effective your organization could be if your contracts, SLAs, employee performance goals, and risk mitigation policies all aligned with your broader business goals? BAT can help get you there.