About Brand Acceleration™

Strategy Check. Plans Check. Resources to make it happen…

BAT stopped providing full agency services in 2012. However, the core of our model back then and today, depends on our deep understanding of and experience with directing teams to get the work done. As a full services agency, we provided AoR services for over 20 fast-moving but understaffed mid-stage technology companies – helping their marketing teams perform like they were 20 or 30 person juggernauts when they had only 2-8 resources to tap.

We do the same today. Instead of bringing BAT’s resources (and overhead) to bear, we work with your preferred resources, be they internal or 3rd-party, to help you launch your websites, build your nurture programs, design your booths, or develop your advertising campaigns – we provide they experienced creative, technical and project management direction you need to ensure that your strategies realize themselves in tactical executions that accelerate your brand.

BAT’s Brand Acceleration™ Solutions include:

Creative Direction

Design agencies are great at developing compelling, engaging and well… creative visuals. They do not always understand the important connection between brand, audience, and design however. This is where BAT comes in. Having creative and account directed hundreds of B2B and consumer driven experiences, BAT can ensure that your strategic objectives drive each and every bit of tactical creative.

Technical Direction

BAT’s principal, Chris Harmon, has over 15 years experience developing, designing, planning and directing website systems integration across a multitude of technologies including best-in-class CMS/WCM systems, analytics packages, e-commerce and CRM solutions, and of course marketing automation and enhancement packages. This experience provides a unique bridging component between strategy, design and development to ensure that your internal or 3rd-party development teams have the requirements they need to plan systems, the direction they need to integrate, and the oversight you need to ensure that the resulting systems or flexible, robust and easy to use.

Brand Direction

It’s easy to lose sight of the “brand” after initial roll-out. It’s much more difficult to nurture, expand and evolve a brand to meet the changing needs of your organization without abandoning the key tenants and foundations of the brand to begin with. BAT empowers many of our client’s with that key role of “Brand Cop” – providing brand consulting across an organization to ensure brand compliance, while also identifying and facilitating growth opportunities as your business climate changes both internally and externally.

Project Management

Many of BAT’s clients have complex teams made up of a combination of internal and external resources as well as multiple specialized agencies. Few of our clients have the frameworks in place to provide a single picture or dashboard of what’s going on across those resources, let alone mechanisms in place to ensure alignment on strategy, brand and creative direction and clear objectives and measurement criterion. BAT partners with you to provide a single source of accountability across these resources – so you know what’s working, what’s not and can take corrective action in real-time?