Focus + Services

Crafting Stories

Brand architects, storytellers and transformation agents

BAT  defines brands, crafts stories, and transforms teams, companies and categories. We focus on achieving measurable results. Our clients see increases in conversions and sales, in customer intimacy, and in customer and employee loyalty. Why? Because we help the people you care about understand your story. They engage and they want to stay engaged.

Catalysts for high velocity growth

BAT has provided strategic direction to over twenty leading technology and SaaS companies (including SuccessFactors and Eloqua). Our clients have successfully gone public, perform in the top of their categories, and accelerate quickly within new categories. Many see increases in conversion rates of 300% or more, and often see revenue more than double in the year following our initial engagement.

Transforming enterprise business-units

BAT engages with product, marketing, HR, PR and strategy teams at Enterprise organizations like AscensionHealth, and Lenovo to refocus strategies and tactics around uniquely meeting the needs of target customers and the mandate for the group. By focusing organizations around the customer, we help our clients dramatically increase the value of their business unit within their larger organization and become brand and business leaders in the strategic direction of their company.

Transforming Business

Getting to market faster

BAT has a thriving practice with start ups. We’ve worked with dozens of young companies to define the core components of their brands, consult on the design and development of their products, craft foundational marketing programs, and partner with them as they progress into thriving, well-funded success stories. We occasionally take advisory and equity positions, and are always invested in long-term success!

30+ years of brand, marketing &
 operational excellence

After nearly two decades of working with and leading interactive and traditional agencies large and small, Chris Harmon founded theBATstudio as a reflection of  best practices gleaned in strategically guiding some of the world’s most recognized brands toward their goals. Soon after founding BAT Chris convinced his wife, Maggie Harmon, to join the team, providing an equally robust foundation in HR, operations strategy and legal counsel built on 15 years of private, public and non-profit practice.