Live Events: Staying on Brand and Generating Excitement

Yes, you can do both!

Whether it is an annual user conference, a booth at a trade-show, a speaking opportunity or any corporate event the tension is always in keeping the tone accurate and true to the brand, while also having some fun and getting people excited about what you offer. There is some sense in the marketing world that the latter goal trumps the former, and that any attention (if people are having fun) is good attention.

At BAT we believe that the two are not mutually exclusive and that sacrificing brand integrity for entertainment is never a good idea.

After decades of experience working with numerous organizations we understand that “brand” is the very essence of a company. It is not just color and style, it is the core influencer in communication, demeanor, and operations. As such, it has to be an integral part of any event your organization participates in.

What would you think of the President of the United States getting drunk and dancing on a table-top at a bar? Certainly it is not the kind of behavior you expect from someone in that role. The same is true for how you present your organization’s brand at events out in the world. If you are a youthful, playful organizations it makes sense to host events that reflect that tone. If you are a serious provider of sales-empowerment tools in B2B it doesn’t make work to take on a playful, consumer oriented personality just because you are at a trade-show. Consistently presenting the value of your offering can be done without losing sense of who you are.

BAT has worked with numerous clients to define, design, and produce events that access the core of a brand personality with an engagement that is fun, entertaining, and attention getting. By focusing on not just grabbing attention by any means necessary, but grabbing attention based on the core offering of the organization you convey to the world an underlying sense of stability which is crucial in building brand loyalty, and an overt message of intelligence in being able to engage the audience based on substance.


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