Eloqua Events

  • Revealing the Brand at Omniture Summit
  • Extending the brand through a fun, engaging interactive demo at Dreamforce
  • Reinforcing the brand essence at Eloqua Experience


BAT worked with Eloqua to design and produce several events that allowed prospects, users and analysts to engage actively with the brand while experiencing the potential of the product. The goal for all events is to educate the audience but to do so in a way that is entertaining and memorable. The danger is that the core message is lost in that entertainment. For a number of years BAT designed and produced events that stayed on brand and on message for Eloqua, but allowed the audience to learn about the offering in a way that was highly interactive, fun, and compelling. Events were designed to be an opportunity to build trust, loyalty and increase engagement at every level of interaction, from the point of registration to the visual displays. The key to success in these events was having a deep understanding of the brand, the brand promise and the goals for both the event and the organization as a whole.

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