Demandbase – Crafting a Highly Targeted Website Experience

  • Extend utilization of Demandbase Real-Time Identification solution
  • Craft “User-Journeys” based on Real-Time Identification attributes such as “Target Account”
  • Refine information architecture, design and features – including the introduction of a robust Resource Center


In this third iteration of the Demandbase website, BAT sought to extend the power and utility of Demandbase’s Real-Time Identification solution, providing more ways for the client to utilize their content personalization solution, including page and even site-level personalization.

BAT also worked closely with the Demandbase Marketing team to segment their core audience, and build highly targeted user journeys that originate of a page-of-entry, and guide users through specific content and offers to enrich their engagement and encourage conversion.

Finally, we revamped the architecture of the site across every page and template, both simplifying the structure of the site and also creating much more dynamice, rich and engaging experiences – including a robust Resource Center that enables the client to to creat personalized resource centers targeting customers, prospects and even analysts with JUST the content they want them to see.

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