Demandbase Content

  • Tell the story
  • Make the story engaging
  • Make the story relevant and actionable


Often the hardest part of creating content is understanding what content needs to be created. Following Brand Synthesis® BAT worked with Demandbase to design a content strategy that carefully followed a logical schedule of communication substance regarding the offering as well as communication methods for effectively delivering that information. We worked with the broad marketing team to understand exactly what needed to be said, how it needed to be said, and when it needed to be said in order to engage the right audience at the right time.

BAT guided the team in developing a content strategy and schedule that directly aligned with the goals of the marketing team in supporting corporate growth. We looked at best practices in content delivery to ensure that every audience received the most effective message and continued to work with the leadership team in refining a message that matched the brand at its core. The result is content that speaks directly to the audience and that reinforces trust in the offering.

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