Coreworx Brand Synthesis and Website

  • Align the organization around a single Brand Platform
  • Convert website from brochure-ware to a conversion machine
  • Provide a set of templates and CMS that is easy to update and maintain


Coreworx offers a suite of content management solutions for Capital Projects (large construction projects, often spanning years and costing hundreds of millions of dollars to produce). Their offering is REALLY complex, REALLY broad, and applies to MANY verticals. Our challenge was to help them simplify their communications, segmet their audience and associated offering, and flow all of this into a new conversion-oriented sales cycle.

Brand Synthesis drove the initial engagement as we sought to align the marketing, sales, product and executive teams around a single brand and positioning platform. Once the platform was in place, we designed a powerful, conversion oriented website on an easy-to-manage Silverstripe CMS platform, built from the ground up to enable speedy updates and easy of long-term use – it worked so well that the Client training required fewer then 2 hours to complete before hand-off! Complementing the new messaging platform and website were robust collateral templates for Case Studies and Datasheets.

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