ChiRunning Brand Synthesis, Website Design

  • Reposition as a sophisticated sports brand
  • Refine brand positioning and messaging
  • Design and launch new brand architecture across three properties


ChiRunning initially sought to re-launch their website to comply with new technology standards, but after engaging in Brand Synthesis® instead focused on repositioning and re-launching the entire brand.

After a decade of business supported by a loyal following ChiRunning wanted to shift toward greater sophistication in the brand and the offering as a means of differentiating a crowded marketplace. BAT helped ChiRunning realize the incredible opportunity afforded by re-setting their approach to the brand and developing a polished set of web properties designed to better engage their audience and support ongoing customer engagement.

BAT repositioned the brand by dividing the properties into separate but related entities: ChiLiving, ChiRunning, ChiWalking and the ChiStore, and worked with the client to evaluate CMS and eCommerce platforms that would best allow for maintenance and expansion of the properties while proving seamless integration with the existing CRM.

Along with a refreshed identity, the new positioning helped the client clarify their content strategy and drive broad excitement with the team and partner instructors, while firmly claiming a leadership position for their consumers.

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