Brand Synthesis® for Multi-Division Organizations

Whether we work for a particular division in a large organization, run that division, or manage the entire organization we often lose our perspective of how we fit into the big picture and how all the pieces of the picture fit together. Using a house analogy, if we work in the kitchen it is hard to understand how the living room connects to what we do, and from the view from the roof it isn’t all that easy to see the details that make up the structure. Brand Synthesis® as a strategic tool for team alignment provides a structured system for helping large organizations see the whole picture from an integrated perspective, and creates a practical document to support an ongoing view for functional, logical operations and growth.

BAT recently spent several weeks working with ‘Big Org,’ helping them clarify the who, what, where and how of an organization comprised of several major independent bodies each with multiple sub-divisions, numerous cross-over employees and a reporting structure that shifted based on the role or the goal in a particular division. We conducted Brand Synthesis® initially with the parent organization, making recommendations for structural functioning that would eliminate the substantial internal and external confusion that people had around the roles of the many component pieces.

Before finalizing these recommendations we conducted Brand Synthesis® with multiple of the child/sibling organizations that included many of the same stakeholders from the original exercise. The challenge in this was to make sure everyone stayed focused in their role with the organization being analyzed. They had for years been attempting to perform the same type analysis internally and always faced the same problem: because there was so much crossover in the executive team from different roles in the different divisions they couldn’t separate themselves from conflicting perspectives. As an unconnected third party BAT was able to isolate the analysis and keep everyone focused on one component at a time.

After taking the time to deeply understand the strengths and challenges in each division BAT could develop a platform with a clear hierarchy that represented the ideal structure Big Org had been striving for but was not able to articulate because they were just too close to the operations. From there it was possible to develop a specific brand platform for each division, understanding where all the component pieces fit together and how that needed to be communicated in order to avoid confusion.

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