Brand Synthesis®: Creating a Road-Map for Corporate Direction

About three hours into the first session of Brand Synthesis® Chris stood up, walked over to the white-board (as he often does) and drew a diagram of the corporate operational structure and how the various product offerings should fit into that structure. “Why not try this? Based on what you are saying this is the model that will get you where you want to go.” There was about five minutes of silence in the room as the dozen heads participating looked at the diagram. The CEO looked at Chris and said, “This is the vision I had when I started, I just didn’t know how to get there.”

Perhaps what is most interesting about the paragraph above is that if you changed the last two sentences you could use the introduction to describe numerous BAT engagements with Brand Synthesis®. Why? Because we listen, we pay attention to the story our clients tell about their organization and we recognize that “brand” is about understanding the most fundamental components of a company. As a result we are able to take what you already know and guide you in articulating that knowledge  so that it becomes usable at every level of organizational functioning.

We are often engaged in Brand Synthesis® to develop a platform to be used in ongoing creative execution and marketing efforts, so it may seem odd that the direction we take frequently leads to an analysis of the organization itself. However, understanding how to communicate the value of an offering means understanding the offering at an organizational level. The result is that we get deep below the surface to provide a substantive brand platform ensuring that the corporate structure is aligned and supportive of reaching your goals.

It can be hard to explain the value of a multi-day facilitated meeting with the executive team and leadership from key departments. The fact is, companies all over have these meetings frequently. They are regular status check-ins, they are team-building off-sites, they are leadership strategy sessions, and so on. What they are not, is Brand Synthesis® and the reason that we took the time to trademark the name is because it is a wholly unique offering in creating alignment, clarification and intention for moving an organization into their next stage of growth. Every engagement is slightly different, the structure, built on best practices across disciplines and practical experience of several decades of work, remains the same, but the execution of the process is responsive to the goals of the organization and the composition of the people in the room. It works precisely because it is strategy tailored to your company.

How do we know it works? After engaging in Brand Synthesis® we see event horizons, whether they be IPOs, growth targets, or change of control events move up dramatically. We see the effectiveness of campaigns increase exponentially. We see the productivity of teams jump. And our clients recommend us to others. Brand Synthesis® works because we listen to you; we recognize that every unique organization understands exactly what it is they need and want to do, our job is to identify that knowledge and bring it into the world so that everyone in the organization understands what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how to be successful.

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