Baynote Brand Synthesis, Identity and Brand Art

  • Capture the essence of the brand
  • Engage customers in a new way of thinking
  • Create internal and external consistency

Baynote provides personalization and digital marketing optimization solutions that power the adaptive web, creating experiences that are personal, relevant and convenient. In 2010 Baynote launched a concerted effort to revamp their product offering, reposition their brand, and capture a leadership position within their category.

BAT was engaged in the midst of these efforts to help focus the messaging, create a standard for visual representations, and develop a new identity system. Starting with Brand Synthesis®, BAT helped to align a large and diverse group of individuals behind the concept of the “adaptive web.” The concept was extended through brand art to create visual representation and metaphor, identity design, business system development, and campaign graphics, providing Baynote with a host of tools to support the re-launch of their brand.

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