Web 2.0 Presentation

  • Craft a simple, fun story from a complex engagement
  • Explore new presentation tools to differentiate (Prezi)
  • Strategically position a new way of thinking to emphasize’s transformation

[easyrotator]erc_75_1349816132[/easyrotator] engaged BAT to provide strategic consulting, design and development for their new CTO’s break-through presentation scheduled for Web 2.0. 

This represented a critical turning point for as the presentation highlighted many new strategic investments on their part, including:

  • A new and pervasive emphasis on testing new ideas, stretching boundaries, and exploring
  • A dynamic new CTO that defied traditional definitions and embodied innovation
  • An incredible investment in an experimental project at SXSW to explore how Ask might jump into social and mobile – at once

BAT worked closely with Ask to capture the story, craft a timeline-based approach, develop unique illustrations, build out a complex Prezi that appeared simple, straight-forward, and importantly, didn’t nauseate the audience, and finally coach the CTO through the presentation to ensure a flawless execution start to finish.

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