Ascension Health Transformational Development Brand

  • Craft a Brand Platform and communications plan expressing the Transformational Development vision
  • Design an identity with supporting business systems to convey this vision within a consistent framework
  • Maintain flexibility enabling and encouraging growth in the group’s activities over time


BAT worked with the Transformational Development executive team,  Ascension Health’s CSO, and Communications leadership to establish an extensible brand platform, concrete messaging and a new brand identity capturing the offering for internal constituents, external partners and consumers. BAT engaged this broad team in a rigorous Brand Synthesis® exercise, and development of robust messaging, identity and business systems.

The Brand Platform that was developed, along with the identity crystallized the vision of the team and defined their role within Ascension Health. This work provided a unifying guide to the Transformational Development group while clarifying the offering for internal constituents, and providing a forward looking, innovative face for external partners.

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