BAT is a boutique consulting studio providing brand, marketing and operations strategies that accelerate business velocity.

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Focus + Services

Crafting Stories

Brand architects, storytellers and transformation agents

BAT  defines brands, crafts stories, and transforms teams, companies and categories. We focus on achieving measurable results. Our clients see increases in conversions and sales, in customer intimacy, and in customer and employee loyalty. Why? Because we help the people you care about understand your story. They engage and they want to stay engaged.

Catalysts for high velocity growth

BAT has provided strategic direction to over twenty leading technology and SaaS companies (including SuccessFactors and Eloqua). Our clients have successfully gone public, perform in the top of their categories, and accelerate quickly within new categories. Many see increases in conversion rates of 300% or more, and often see revenue more than double in the year following our initial engagement.

Transforming enterprise business-units

BAT engages with product, marketing, HR, PR and strategy teams at Enterprise organizations like AscensionHealth, and Lenovo to refocus strategies and tactics around uniquely meeting the needs of target customers and the mandate for the group. By focusing organizations around the customer, we help our clients dramatically increase the value of their business unit within their larger organization and become brand and business leaders in the strategic direction of their company.

Transforming Business

Getting to market faster

BAT has a thriving practice with start ups. We’ve worked with dozens of young companies to define the core components of their brands, consult on the design and development of their products, craft foundational marketing programs, and partner with them as they progress into thriving, well-funded success stories. We occasionally take advisory and equity positions, and are always invested in long-term success!

30+ years of brand, marketing &
 operational excellence

After nearly two decades of working with and leading interactive and traditional agencies large and small, Chris Harmon founded theBATstudio as a reflection of  best practices gleaned in strategically guiding some of the world’s most recognized brands toward their goals. Soon after founding BAT Chris convinced his wife, Maggie Harmon, to join the team, providing an equally robust foundation in HR, operations strategy and legal counsel built on 15 years of private, public and non-profit practice.

Brand Synthesis®

Engages executive teams, business unit leaders, and start-up entrepreneurs in a series of sessions that build understanding and alignment around brand, business and company goals both tactical and strategic.

Captures and/or refines fundamental brand components such as:

  • Offering
  • Target Profile
  • Core Purpose
  • Brand Promise
  • Positioning

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Brand Activation™

Translates strategy into action plans to ensure that your organization realizes the goals defined through Brand Synthesis® through diverse and detailed activities responsive to the specific needs of your organization.

Activities include:

  • Target Audience Analysis & Framework Design
  • Conversion Analysis & Planning
  • Digital Marketing Assessment & Recommendations
  • Events Review & Development
  • Customer-Centric Marketing, Product & Business Alignment
  • Operational Effectiveness Audit

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Brand Acceleration™

BAT stopped providing full agency services in 2012. We work directly with your resources, be they internal or 3rd-party, to help you launch your websites, build your nurture programs, design your booths, or develop your advertising campaigns – we provide the experienced creative, technical and project management direction you need to ensure that your strategies realize themselves in tactical executions that accelerate your brand.

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Local Inspiration

Global Reach

News + Ideas

BAT is a  boutique  consultancy.

Focused on synthesizing, activating and accelerating client brands.

We  define brands, craft stories, and transform teams, companies and categories. We focus on achieving measurable results. Our clients see increases in conversions and sales, in customer intimacy, and in customer and employee loyalty. Why? Because we help the people you care about understand your story. They start to care about your brand. They engage and the want to stay engaged.
Meet the team

Christopher Harmon


As founder and principal at theBATstudio Chris leverages nearly two decades of expertise in the interaction of Brand, Art and Technology to provide consulting services directed by, and designed to realize tangible business objectives. Chris is a globally recognized leader in brand strategy, regularly speaking at conferences throughout the world and providing instruction through preeminent digital programs.

theBATstudio is built on Chris’ Brand Synthesis® methodology that provides the foundation for every engagement. The word synthesis reflects his belief that most organizations already have the key ingredients needed to develop compelling, cross-channel brand communications – they just require a little guidance in identifying and leveraging their knowledge and assets. In addition to his extensive client list with theBATstudio, Chris has helped brands including Robert Mondavi, Kendall Jackson, Tibco, SuccessFactors, Eloqua and the California Association of Realtors in crafting new approaches to their brand communications.

Over the course of his career Chris has honed and refined his understanding of brand, design, advertising and interactive while working with leading agencies as CEO, Group Account Director, and Business Development Director. His extensive experience includes engagements with Sony, AOL, Paramount Pictures, Disney, LeapFrog, McAfee, HP, EA, Eidos Interactive, Sega, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Pony, the NBA and the NFL, Airwalk, Rocket Dog, Columbia Sportwear, Mountain Hardwear, Phat Farm, Boston Scientific and many others. In every project Chris leads a unique, client-centric effort that produces dramatic and enduring results.

Chris is passionate about spending time with his family, engaging in snow and water sports, debating politics and fuming about the state of public schools. He is an active member of his community, a coach for his children’s sports teams and an advocate for education reform. On weekends you’ll find him outdoors, spending time with the family, or enjoying a good piece of historical fiction. He recently took up surfing – but still hears bone-quaking music every time he gets deeper than shoulder height in the red-triangle’s frigid waters. He has a BA from UC Davis and has completed graduate studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and San Jose State University.

Maggie Harmon


Maggie joined theBATstudio as a partner in 2009 after over a decade of work consulting with individuals and organizations in a variety of capacities. She started her career as a legal generalist working in both litigation and transactional matters, developing particular expertise in the business and employment arena. She has worked independently, as associate counsel, and as general counsel for a number of organizations providing services that bring together a practical understanding of the day-to-day operational needs of running a business and managing a brand, with the complex constraints that impact business goals.

At theBATstudio Maggie draws on her expertise in operations, leadership coaching and linguistic strategy to work with clients on understanding the core elements required in practically meeting their goals, while focusing on the specific organizational needs in managing their organization and reaching their target. Through her experience in working with a variety of organizational types and structures, she brings unique insight to the human component of strategic brand management; drawing on her knowledge of socio-linguistic theory she provides important understanding to communications planning. She speaks globally on operational brand strategy, providing practical consultation on how to optimize personal, profession and organizational goal achievement.

Maggie has published several pieces on a variety of topics from parenting to work-place reform, cognitive linguistic development to family pet management; she is actively involved in her community, and volunteers with organizations that support at-risk populations. She lives in the Oakland hills with her husband, two children, two dogs and two cats, is usually reading two or three books at a time, and enjoys hiking in the East Bay Regional Parks.

Maggie is a graduate of the University of California at Davis, Santa Clara University School of Law, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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